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True alternative to liposuction! Why put yourself through the pain and recovery of liposuction surgery when you could get better results with Vaser Shape? Ask yourself, do you prefer watching old time tv or HD tv? Our attention to detail and our success rate has given us a list of over 900 satisfied clients since Oct 2011. We build you a realistic treatment plan that is specific to you. What are you waiting for - GET YOUR FREE DEMO.

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About Vaser Shape

BeforeAfter Dave

After 25 years in the liposuction industry I have never seen results like
this. In my opinion there’s nothing better.

When you can show results like this without liposuction surgery you really
have something worth investigating.. This is the reason why I have sold or
ended my partnerships in all of my liposuction centers. At the age of 50 my
after pictures look better than some 30 year olds. There’s no longer an
excuse to have that big belly and love handles.

The only thing you have to lose is fat, loose skin, and cellulite. Join us
and get the real you back.

Dave Lugin
President of SayNoToLipo.

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Look Who’s Complimenting Vaser Shape


“Permanently destroys fat”

“I’ve been doing this for a long time
and I’ve never seen results like this”

- Dr. Oz

“Immediate results”

“Contracts the skin”

“It really works!”

“No cutting, no needles, no
recovery, no anesthesia”

“My patient lost 5 inches”

“Elimates or reduces stretch marks and cellulite”

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